Here is where we will collect useful articles, exercises, tools and other materials linked to some of the posts.

If you have any suggestions or submissions for stuff to include here, just comment on this page and I’ll get in touch.


PDF Are you listening carefully? — An exploration of different levels of listening.
PDF Expand your vistas – get into career theory — How can career theory help the reflective careers practitioner.
PDF The questioning type — Are you thinking hard enough about the questions you use and how you use them?

Tools and models for reflective practice

PDF Zones of impact in training — A model for thinking about the level of impact you want to achieve within training.
PDF Zones of impact in guidance — Explaining how to apply the Zones of Impact model when working with individuals. It contains questions to help you reflect on discussions.
PDF Past-Present-Future — (or the Trident model) A model to help you think about how much focus you are placing on Immediacy, Reflection or Action
PDF Time-Zones — What happens when you combine the Zones model with the Trident model. Questions about what you are trying to do with a client.
PDF Using narrative — Questions to help you explore different elements of a client’s story.
PDF Goals and actions — A reflective practice tool for guidance workers based on Contextual Action Theory.

Tools to use with clients

PDF Two against one — An exercise to explore career evaluation and decision making using a simplified version of the Repertory Grid technique from Personal Construct Psychology.
PDF Confused career thinking — A number of common cognitive biases that could hinder effective career exploration and decision making. Can be used as a discussion prompt for group or individual work.
PDF Six questions — A framework for assessing and investigating career options based on the questions ‘why’, ‘what’, ‘who’, ‘how’, ‘where’ and ‘when’.
PDF Who has influenced your thinking? — Exploratory questions based on the modes of influence from Community Interaction theory.
PDF What is a career? — Twelve different ways in which someone might conceptualise the idea of ‘career’.
PDF Role combo — An exercise to help people think about the various roles they might play within a single job.
PDF Two birds — one stone — A tool to look at action planning for multiple goals.

Theory summaries

PDF Gottfredson — Circumscription and compromise.
PDF Theory of work adjustment
PDF Existential career theory

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