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Know your type

Four angel bunnies

The angel bunnies resented being put into boxes - but they hid it well

In last week’s post about employability I presented four approaches to employability (Careerist, Ritualist, Rebel and Retreatist).

This got me all enthusiastic about typologies that put people into boxes which describe their approach to career management and decision making. I’ve found a few, but I’m hoping that you can come up with some more for me.

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Drawing out the implications

David considers storyboarding

David considers storyboarding - {click for original post}

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On your best (planned) behaviour

In a comment on Time-wasters’ diary, Brammar (Laura) talked about the self-efficacy of careers advisers. This made me think about theories we can apply to ourselves as practitioners as well as to clients.

Icek Ajzen - Theory of pretty cool shades

Icek Ajzen

One of my personal theories-of-the-moment is the Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) developed by Icek Ajzen. TPB examines the attitudes and beliefs that lead people to turn an idea into an intention, and then turn an intention into an action.

Ajzen was partly inspired by Bandura’s idea of self-efficacy. So TPB has a lot of overlap with social cognitive theory and social learning theory, which contain similar themes.
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