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Boasting safely

A boast-it note

A boast-it note

One of the most difficult things about networking is how to let people know about your dazzling achievements without appearing to be an overbearing self-publicist. Some recent research has looked at when it might be safe to boast and when it might damage your reputation.

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Go on! Impress me!

Footprint in the sand

What sort of impression are you making?

Aminder Nijjar’s recent post about Career Image sent me off on a little journey into the world of impression management.

  • How do people try to control or influence the images they present to their work colleagues?
  • To what extent is career success linked to one’s ability to present an acceptable image?

A commonly used list of impression management tactics was produced by Jones and Pitman in 1982. They listed the following tactics:

  • Ingratiation — getting people to like you
  • Self-promotion — telling people how good you are
  • Exemplification — convincing people that you work really hard
  • Supplication — getting people to sympathise with you
  • Intimidation — threatening or appearing dangerous

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