The Careers Group, University of London provides products and services designed to help individuals achieve and maintain job satisfaction throughout their working lives.

We also provide training and professional development services to career practitioners through our professional development unit and our consultancy services.


David Winter

I joined The Careers Group way back in 1994. At the moment, I work part of the time at Queen Mary University of London advising undergraduates, postgraduates and staff. The rest of the time I work at C2, the consultancy division of The Careers Group, working with individuals and organisations on a range of careers management and professional development projects.

I am also involved in training other careers professionals and am a tutor on the Advanced Guidance Skills course run by the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Service.

As you can tell, I’m a bit of a theory geek!

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Saiyada Smith

I am a Careers Adviser based at C2 and University College London (UCL). Before seeing the light, I worked in Advertising & Marketing. Since joining The Careers Group in 2006 I have completed my Postgraduate Diploma in Careers Counselling and am currently undertaking a coaching qualification in a bid to add more skills and techniques to my ‘careers tool kit’.

I originally come from Tanzania and my interest lies in working with clients from multicultural backgrounds. I would, in the future, like to undertake research exploring culture and careers guidance with women from Asian communities.

Katie Dallison

Winemaker, dairy farmer, MSc co-ordinator, genetic scientist, technical sales rep, kiwifruit orchardist, student recruitment adviser, deli assistant and menswear store manager. Just a few of the job titles I’ve had in my life. My journey has brought me to where I am today, a careers adviser for The Careers Group – long trip for a kiwi girl from Whakatane! And I love it.

Since completing my certificate in career development, I’ve been based at Queen Mary and Goldsmiths working a diverse range of people, running a variety of workshops, and using all my experience to help my clients discover their own career goals.

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