An apology and an invitation

Busy business man 1 by bizior

Post-it notes are very useful

I am currently scrambling to get ready for my tutoring role on the AGCAS Advanced Guidance Skills course next week. So, I probably won’t have time to write a post for the next couple of weeks.

Here are a few things to keep you busy in the meantime.

You could look through the archive of previous posts to see if there’s any you missed.

You could think about what topics you would like to see covered here and get in touch with me (just comment on this post or tweet me).

You could even contemplate writing something yourself for this blog. I welcome contributions from anyone with interesting ideas and theoretical tidbits.

Finally, you could mosey on over to LinkedIn and join the Careers Debate group where a number of interesting topics are being discussed right now. (I still have time to contribute to that because I don’t have to do as much reading before I shoot my mouth off!)

You may also like this discussion on the value or otherwise of career planning in the Career Thought Leaders Consortium group.

See you soon.

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